On June 25th, <company_name>.geteverwise.com will be retired in favor of <company_name>.torch.io. No action is required from customers or their users for this change.


Can I still access my bookmarked links?

Yes. Any existing link will be automatically re-routed to the correct destination, leveraging the new Torch URL.

Will be users still be able to log in, with password or SSO?

Yes. There should be no interruption in user logins, regardless of log in method. All existing SSO configurations are already set up to support the new URL.

Why are you making this change?

As we continue to merge the Torch and Everwise platforms, retiring the Everwise domain is one of the final steps in retiring the Everwise brand. We hope this will provide more clarity to your users as we move forward under the unified Torch name.

Will there be any downtime while this change is made?

Yes. The Torch platform will be down for a few hours while the change is made. This will be during our usual release down-time cycle, and a communication will be sent ahead of time.

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