A 360 resource card can be configured from within a path or path template.

To configure the 360:

  1. Hover over the resource card; click the Settings icon.

2. Configure general Settings for the resource.

  • Send a notification to start this resource. Participants will be notified to begin their assessment.

  • Set a due date with reminder notification. Participants will be reminded when the assessment is due.

  • Lock until previous resource is complete. Participants will not be able to begin their assessment until they complete the previous resource.

3. Configure 360 Assessment Settings.

  • Minimum feedback requests. This is one criteria to determine when results can be released. The minimum number of feedback providers that participants are required to request feedback from.

  • Maximum feedback requests. The maximum number of feedback providers that participants are allowed to request feedback from.

  • Feedback provider roles. Check the box for each role that you want participants to be able to request feedback from. If a role is not checked, participants will not see that role when requesting feedback.

    • Direct Report

    • Peer

    • Cross-Functional Partner

    • Manager

    • Manager’s Manager

    • Board Member

    • Other

  • Role display threshold. The number of feedback responses that should be received from each role before results will be categorized as being from a particular role. If the threshold is not met, feedback will be categorized as from Other. This helps protect the anonymity of feedback providers. This setting only applies if Categorize Feedback is selected.

  • Anonymize feedback. If checked, feedback providers will not be identified by name on scores and written feedback.

  • Categorize feedback. If checked, the results from feedback providers are displayed according to their feedback provider role; e.g., Direct Report, Peer, Manager, etc.

  • Minimum release timeline. This is one criteria to determine when results can be released. The value defines the minimum number of days that need to pass before feedback can be released if the minimum number of feedback responses have not been received.

Note: The 360 results may be released once one of the following criteria has been met.

  • The minimum feedback requests required has been received

  • The minimum release timeline number of days (e.g., 21 days) have passed, regardless of responses

4. Click Save.

Note: Changes to the settings can be made until a learner clicks the 360 resource.

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