1. Click Create new program.

2. Enter a Program name; click Create program.

3. Choose a program type: Learning.

4. Select the starting path template. Note: You may click Preview to view the template content prior to selecting a template.

  • Start from scratch. This option will create a learning program without a path template, allow an admin to create their own template(s), and build a fully customized experience.

  • High Potential Employees Template.

  • New Manager Training Template.

  • Employee Onboarding Template.

  • Custom program.

5. Configure Session Management, if enabled. Note: Not every organization has it enabled.

6. Review your program settings.

7. Click Continue.

Congrats! Your program is created!

If you created a program from scratch:

  1. Click Create new path template.

  2. To add content to the path template, see Create a New Path Template.

If you created a program from a template:

  1. Click the path template to confirm/edit the content. Note: It is recommended to review and update the content, paying attention to placeholders, etc. To edit the template and verify settings, see Viewing or Editing Path Templates and Path Template Settings.

  2. Click the Program name in the header to return to the main Program page.

  3. See Create a Cohort to create a new cohort, invite participants, and launch the program.

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