When creating a learning program, admins can choose to start from scratch or start from one of Torch's pre-seeded templates.

Start from scratch

This option will create a learning program without a path template, allow an admin to create their own template(s), and build a fully customized experience.


The provided learning program templates allow an admin to leverage Torch's expertise as a starting point when building out common program types. Select one of these options to create a learning program using a pre-built template. The templates currently include:

  • New manager

  • High potential employee

  • Employee onboarding

You may preview the templates before creating the learning program. Once the learning program is created, the template can be edited and customized to meet the needs of your organization.

Learning programs may also be deleted, if necessary.

For any feedback on the templates, or to request additional templates, please reach out to help@torch.io.

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