Once you complete your 360 self-assessment, the next step is to invite colleagues from a variety of roles and perspectives to assess your leadership qualities.

  1. Enter each colleague’s email address and select their relationship to you from the drop-down menu; click Add.

Note: It is suggested that you invite a variety of colleagues, including your manager.

Note: Ensure you invite at least the minimum number of colleagues to respond, as this is one criteria that determines when your results can be released. This number is typically set to a minimum of five (5), but may be different based on your organization’s preference. Inviting at least five colleagues is ideal for a few reasons: to get a good cross-section of team members in different roles, for richer and more thorough feedback, and to preserve anonymization of feedback providers.

Note: This step adds colleagues to your Invitations list. Invitations will not be sent until you click Preview and send.

2. Click Preview and send once colleagues have been added to the invitation list. Note: You may continue to invite colleagues until your 360 results are released. Once the 360 has been released, you will not be allowed to receive or request additional feedback.

3. Add a personal introduction (optional) to the invitation; click Send.

Note: If you’d like to personalize different messages for different colleagues, you can invite colleagues individually and add a different personal introduction to each.

4. View status of feedback requests.

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