Q: What is the 360?

A: The 360 is a comprehensive leadership assessment tool that allows participants to reflect about themselves and receive feedback from others in one comprehensive tool. Participants first take a self-assessment survey and then invite feedback from a variety of colleagues such as their manager, peers, and direct reports.

The assessment consists of individual questions that are then rolled up into subdomains and domains that provide feedback about a person’s leadership effectiveness and areas of opportunity.

With insight into one’s strengths, hidden strengths, challenges, and hidden opportunities, individuals are able to build a growth development plan (including learning goals and actionable steps) that the individual can take to help reach their full potential.

You can use the Torch Leadership Assessment as-is, or work with the Torch team to customize the 360 for your organization. See Torch Leadership Assessment Domains for more information.

Q: What is the Standalone 360?

A: While Torch strongly recommends that individuals participate in the 360 experience as part of a Torch Coaching Program in order to gain a fresh perspective that includes expertise and insight within an ongoing, psychologically safe experience, the Standalone 360 makes the 360 experience available to use in any program on the Torch platform.

Programs that include a 360 assessment are required to have someone assigned to the “Expert” role who will release and debrief the 360 results with the participants.

Q: What are the benefits of the Standalone 360 tool?

A: The Standalone 360 tool provides many benefits; including:

Intuitive and actionable reports. Torch’s intuitive reports allow participants to quickly understand their growth areas and transition to action-taking.

Streamlined administration. Automated tasks and aggregate reporting help you spend less time on administration and more time developing people and proving value.

Integrated platform. Torch 360s are part of a comprehensive platform that allows participants to address their opportunity areas through coaching, mentoring, learning paths, and more.

Q: What is an expert and do we need one?

A: The role of expert performs a variety of functions during the 360 process such as monitoring participants’ 360 status, releasing the 360 results, debriefing 360 results with participants, and providing guidance throughout the process.

Torch requires an expert to be involved in the 360 process in order to maintain psychological safety and get the most possible value out of the feedback process. We recommend a trained professional debrief feedback with the participant. This fosters psychological safety and helps the participant process their feedback in a positive way.

Having another human to bounce ideas, reactions, and next steps off of, as well as to help participants focus on actionable and valuable feedback, is imperative to the success of the process. A coach, mentor, or manager could all be effective partners for the participant to walk through their results with.

For tips on how to release a 360, see Tips for releasing 360 results.

For tips on how to debrief a 360, see Tips for debriefing 360 results.

For tips on adding an expert or facilitator to a path, see How to add an expert/facilitator to an existing path.

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