You may check the status of 360 feedback invitations to help determine next steps.

  1. Click Gathering feedback.

Note: You also can navigate into your Path and click the 360 card.

2. View each Status. Colleague invited statuses:

  • Awaiting: Feedback invitation sent; colleague has not yet provided feedback.

  • Bounced: The feedback invitation was unable to be sent. Update the email address provided and resend to the correct email address to receive feedback from this colleague.

  • Declined: The colleague chose not to provide feedback.

  • Completed: The colleague provided feedback.

Note: To resend an invitation email to colleagues with an Awaiting status, click Resend invite to non-responders.

Note: You can invite additional colleagues to provide feedback at any time, until your 360 results are released.

See How to release the 360 results for next steps.

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