Participants are not able to release 360 results. The “Expert” role is responsible for releasing 360 results. The 360 results may be released once one of the following criteria has been met.

  • The minimum feedback required has been received

  • The minimum number of days (e.g., 21 days) have passed, regardless of responses

If you are the person who will release the participant’s 360 results, you will receive an email when 360 results have met the criteria for release. It is not required that 360 results are immediately released once a criteria has been met. For example, if participants are still waiting on important feedback, it may be preferred to wait to receive this feedback before releasing the results. See tips to ensure 360 results are ready for release.

Once the 360 has been released, changes cannot be made, including receiving or requesting additional feedback. This is to preserve the anonymity of the feedback providers.

Participants will receive an email when their 360 results are released. Click here to learn how participants view 360 results.

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