You may want to view a participant’s 360 progress to gauge next steps. To view a participant’s 360 progress from your Home page:

  1. Click the appropriate Path.

2. Click the Take the assessment resource card.

3. View a participant’s 360 status:

  • Not Started: The participant has not started the 360 process.

  • Self-Assessment Pending: The participant started the 360 process, but has not yet completed their 360 assessment.

  • Feedback Pending: The participant is waiting for feedback.

  • Eligible for Release: The participant has met the minimum criteria for releasing feedback. See tips to ensure 360 results are ready for release.

  • Released: The participant’s 360 results have been released. See tips for debriefing 360 results.

4. Click Review to view status details.

5. When Status is Eligible for Release, click Preview; follow the tips to ensure the results are ready for release.

6. Review the results; click Release to client when the results are ready.

Note: Once a 360 is released it cannot be retracted and additional feedback cannot be provided/received, so it is important to ensure the results are truly ready before releasing them.

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