This article assumes that the path template exists. To create a path template see Create a new path template.

  1. Click Programs.

  2. Search for the Program name.

  3. Click the Program.

4. Click Path Templates.

5. Click the Path Template name to which you want to add the 360.

Note: You may add a 360 to a new section, or add a 360 to an existing section. To add a 360 to a new section, see step 6. To add a 360 to an existing section, see step 9.

6. Click Add section.

7. Enter section information.

8. Click Save.

9. Click Add new resource.

10. Search for, select Torch Leadership Assessment.

Note: If your organization worked with Torch to create a custom 360 and you want to add it to the path template, search for and select the name of the custom 360.

Note: Contact Torch’s support team if the assessment is not displayed in the search results.

11. Click Push edits to active paths to select/update active paths.

Note: This is optional. If you do not push edits to active paths, then only new paths launched using this template will have the 360.

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