The 360 consists of a detailed assessment, which is completed by individuals and their colleagues, to evaluate an individual’s leadership qualities and provide insight into that individual’s leadership effectiveness and potential. Insight from the 360 allows one to establish a leadership development plan with specific learning goals and the actions to take to achieve those goals.

You may be using the Torch Leadership Assessment, which consists of three primary leadership domains and numerous sub-domains, or your organization may have worked with Torch to customize your domains and questions.

The purpose of this article is to provide a high-level overview of the entire 360 process—beginning when a participant receives an invitation to participate through gathering feedback from colleagues and reviewing/debriefing the 360 results with an expert.

More information about the process is linked within each step.

  1. Participant: Get started.

    1. Receive email invitation to participate.

    2. Create an account on the platform (new users only) or log in to the platform.

  2. Participant: Take the 360 and invite feedback.

    1. Take the 360.

    2. Invite feedback.

    3. View 360 feedback status.

  3. Feedback provider: Provide feedback.

  4. Expert:

    1. Review a participant’s 360 progress, ensure 360 results are ready for release, and release 360 feedback to the participant.

    2. Interpret the 360 results.

  5. Participant: Receive an email notification that results are ready.

    1. View the 360 results.

    2. Interpret the 360 results.

  6. Participant + Expert: Debrief the 360 feedback.

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