It is important to carefully review a participant’s 360 feedback before releasing the results, to (a) ensure the expected feedback providers have submitted feedback (including their manager), and (b) ensure you’re fully prepared to debrief the content. Read on for more FAQ.

Q: How will I know a participant’s 360 is ready to be reviewed/released?

A: You will be notified by email when a 360 is eligible for release. A 360 will be eligible for release once one of the following criteria has been met.

  • The minimum feedback required has been received, or

  • The minimum number of days (e.g., 21 days) have passed, regardless of responses

However, before you release, we recommend that you first confirm that they’ve received feedback from expected colleagues, as well as review the results and written feedback to ensure they are ready for release.

Q: Where can I view the 360 results before releasing them?

A: Once you are notified that results are eligible for release, access the 360 results from the Assessment Status page. Click here to learn how to access the Assessment Status page.

Q: What should I review before releasing 360 results?

A: It is suggested the following items are reviewed prior to releasing 360 results:

  • Confirm the participant received feedback from the minimum number of colleagues. If not, it is suggested that participants send another reminder to non-responders.

  • Confirm key colleagues, including the person’s manager, were invited and have responded. If not, participants can add new colleagues at any time until results are released. It is very important that a person’s manager provides feedback.

Confirm the written feedback does not include any inflammatory or attacking language. If you find comments that may be detrimental to one’s well-being, to the point where you feel you cannot release the results without resolving, please escalate to Torch support to discuss potential next steps.

Q: What should I do if many weeks have passed and there are some colleagues who still have not provided feedback?

A: In these instances you may decide to release the 360 in the interest of advancing the process. Note: It is discouraged to do this if you are still waiting for feedback from key stakeholders; e.g., the participant’s manager.

Q: When should I release feedback to a participant?

A: Once all criteria have been met and you have reviewed the results, it is recommended that you release the feedback during a meeting with the participant so feedback can be reviewed together and you can support and guide them to constructively process the information.

Q: Can the participant see their results before I release the 360 to them?

A: No. A participant is not able to view their results until you have released the 360 to them. They will be notified via email when you release the 360.

Q: Can I retract 360 results that have been released?

A: No. Once a 360 is released it cannot be retracted, so it is important to ensure the results are truly ready before releasing them.

Q: Can feedback be provided/received after a 360 has been released?

A: No. Once the 360 results are released, additional feedback cannot be provided by anyone. For this reason, it’s important that you confirm the results are truly ready before releasing.

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