A Facilitator is someone who can help assist and support the learning experience. A Facilitator might promote dialogue between learners in a group experience.

An Expert is someone who shares their knowledge/expertise throughout the learning experience in order to teach and guide the participant(s). An example of an Expert might be a Coach or a Mentor in a 1:1 experience.

An individual can be assigned as both a Facilitator and an Expert in a Learning Path. Below are the permissions associated with each role.

Things that Experts and Facilitators can both do



Schedule ad-hoc meeting

Add resource to path section

*Activity, Article, Video, Meeting, From Library

View Discussions tab

*N/A for anonymized paths

Post in Discussions tab

*N/A for anonymized paths

Leave private notes

*N/A for anonymized or enrollment paths

View path resources

View resource comments

*N/A for anonymized paths

Comment on resource

*N/A for anonymized paths

Things that the Expert can do but the Facilitator can’t, and vice versa



View path insights

Added by default to meeting invites if the role has been assigned

Release and view 360 results (coming soon)

  • Facilitators can view path insights as explained here.

  • Experts are added by default to meeting invites if the Expert role has been assigned; Facilitators are not automatically added to meeting invites.

  • Experts can release and view 360 assessment results in software programs. Torch 360 in software programs is coming soon.

  • Note that Facilitators and Experts cannot edit existing resources in a live path unless they are also assigned an Admin role at the workspace level.

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