What's New

We are excited to release a new feature this week: The ability to copy path templates in learning programs.

In a Learning Program, navigate to the Path Templates tab. For the path template you would like to copy click the button with the three dots and choose "Copy path template"

Enter the name of the new path template and which Learning Program you would like it copied into.

Note: copying a path template into or out of mentoring or coaching programs is not supported.

Fixed, Changes, and Enhancements

  • Updated appearance of deactivated users in programs to make it clearer that they are deactivated.

  • Updated match tool so that deactivated users are not searchable. Users who are deactivated while they are already in the match tool will remain in the match tool.

  • Corrected survey results export error, where some line items were duplicated

  • Corrected an error where some locked and hidden sections were showing in the "About" tab

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