Changes and Enhancements

Torch Video Platform

We appreciate the feedback from Coaching participants using our new in-app video software. As a result of the feedback, the following updates are now live:

  • Resolved: when changing devices mid-session (e.g. headphones) the audio does not work. Note: this is still a known issue when using Firefox

  • Resolved: some organizations with security software that interfered with joining sessions

  • Updated: the in-video chat experience has been upgraded and now supports sharing files/attachments

"Meeting Dispute" session escalations now enabled for Learning Programs

For customers using the Session Management feature in a Learning Program, Admins will now see escalations when a meeting is Disputed. To view escalations, navigate to the "Manage" tab within a Cohort.


  • For coaching and mentoring programs, Admins can no longer delete individual paths, to ensure data is not unintentionally lost. Note: Admins are still able to archive or close a path.

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