Fixed, Changes, and Enhancements

Conditional questions

We have made several updates improving the experience with routing conditional questions when creating a survey, including:

  • Improved performance and speed

  • Ability to hover to see full text of long questions, when adding a conditional

Join Meeting

We have updated the logic for displaying the join meeting button on meeting resources to display the meeting link 15 minutes before the start time until 15 minutes after the end time.

Mentorship Stages

For mentoring programs where mentors / mentees may participate in multiple partnerships, we have updated the logic to show the most current match status related to the most recent new partnership.

For example, if a mentor completed a partnership and now has matches for review, their status will show "Ready for approval" rather than remaining "Completed partnership."

In-app Video

Based on your feedback, we have been working to further enhance the new in-app video meeting tool used for Torch coaching. Improvements include regional routing, increased frame rate, and updated error messaging. You can monitor and get help using this FAQ page.

Coming soon

In the coming month, we will start the beta launch of in-app video for software and managed mentoring. This will allow users to join meetings directly from the platform, rather than requiring an external application. Interested in participating or to learn more? Reach out to your Torch representative or

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