When building a Survey, the "Quick Fields" section has options to use a consistent question and answer across surveys in order to save users time during surveys by auto-populating their most recent answer.

Choose "Add" any of these fields to your survey, and the participant will see their pre-populated answer from the most recent time they may have previously answered this question, such as during onboarding. They are able to update the answer, if something has changed.

Use existing Quick Fields

To add an existing Quick Field to your survey, click the arrow icon to expand the "Standard" section or your "Org Name" section, and find the question you'd like to use.

You are also able to use the search bar to search key words to find an existing question.

Click "Add" to add the Quick Fields question to the survey.

You will see the question in the survey after clicking "Add". Note that while you can update the question, you are not able to update the preconfigured answer options for Quick Fields.

Creating a new Quick Field for your organization

You may want to create a new Quick Field for your organization, if it is a question/answer combination you anticipate using multiple times across different surveys, and it will help users to save time by providing their most recent answer.

To do this, add the type of field desired using the Field Builder.

After creating the field, checkmark "Make Quick Field".

This field will now be saved under your organization's Quick Field section for future use. (note: you may need to refresh the page for it to populate).

Additional tips

  • Standard Quick Fields are our standard set of Torch fields, created platform-wide and available for all organizations. Some fields may be connected to the user profile in addition to other surveys; if a user has filled out the field in their profile, it will show pre-populated in the survey question.

  • Quick Fields created by an organization admin are created at an organization level, and will be available for all survey creators within the org.

  • Once created, Quick Fields cannot be edited or deleted, as this might impact fields that are in-use.

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