There are several additional settings you can set for the calendar(s) you have synced to the platform.

To adjust these settings:

1. Sign in to your Everwise account.

2. From the homepage, hover over the circle icon of your initials or photo in the upper right corner and click on Settings from the dropdown menu

3. In the Calendar Settings section, click Advanced calendar settings and click the checkbox that shows immediately below

(Note: if you want to sync any additional calendars to your account, please follow these instructions)

4. From here you can click on the Edit buttons to adjust the following settings (be sure to click Update to save your changes!):

  • Hours of Availability: this will ensure that you are only booked during the specific start and end hours in your local timezone (learn how to adjust your timezone here, if necessary)

  • Duration of Meeting Slots: the default is 60 minutes

  • Buffer Time Between Meetings: we recommend 15 minutes so to prevent being booked in back-to-back meetings

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