The Data Integration feature allows customers to upload user data from their HRIS, LMS, or similar to the Everwise platform, including both “core” user data (first name, last name, email) and arbitrary extended user attributes. This can aid in bulk invitation to the platform, and the extended attributes can be used as parameters in custom matching programs (mentoring, coaching).

Setup of a Data Integration requires the following:

  • A sample of the data file to be uploaded. This data file may be in CSV, JSON, or XML format, and must remain consistent across all users and uploads for the organization.

  • A public SSH key which corresponds to the private key that you will use to login to our SFTP server.

We recommend that customers leverage their internal IT support to complete the following setup on their end:

  • Creation of an SSH key pair

  • Setup of an automated upload process (recommended) or configuration of an SFTP client

Each data integration requires custom setup from our services team; please contact your Torch support contact to provide a time estimate based on receipt of the item above.

Once the data integration is set up, the services team will provide the login details, including the server URL, your user name, and any additional details specific to your integration.

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