This feature is available for all path templates applicable to all program types.

Why anonymize?

This feature is useful if you desire to keep participants within a path anonymous from one another. For example, you may want to invite many participants to the same coaching onboarding path or mentorship onboarding path, but not allow the participants to know who else is participating in the path or interact with one another.

How to enable anonymization

Admins can view (but not edit) whether a path is anonymous by looking at your "Path Settings"

Turning anonymization on or off happens at the Path Template level. Admins can navigate to the Path Template and select settings. See more information about Path Templates and settings here.

Turn on "anonymize" by clicking the toggle to blue.

What happens when "anonymize" is on

If "Anonymize" is turned on for a path template, any paths created from that template will be anonymous. This will hide/disable:

  • Path Discussion tab and Resource discussions
  • Connections created from this path
  • Path Member List in "About" screen
  • Path Leaderboard
  • Ability to invite other participants to meetings

For reference: features when "anonymize" is off

See the following screenshots for reference when paths are not anonymous. Each of these features below will be hidden/disabled when a path is anonymous.

Discussions when anonymize is off:

Member List when anonymize is off:

Leaderboard when anonymize is off:

Meeting invites when anonymize is off:

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