Note: To enable Session Management for your organization, contact Help or your CX partner.

Configure Session Management for a Program

As an Admin, when Session Management is enabled for your organization, you are able to configure your Session Management settings when creating a Program by following the steps below.

After selecting your program type, within the "Configurations" screen, select Yes to enable session verification functionality. This will enable all paths within this Program to have session verification, including the Meetings Tab.

When you have selected Yes, you will now see three questions.

First, select the late cancellation window for this Program. If a meeting is cancelled or rescheduled within this window, the meeting will be marked as "late cancelled".

If participants are allowed to reschedule the meeting at any point (i.e. a meeting should never be marked as "late cancelled"), select "No late cancels."

Next select the auto-confirm window for this Program. If a user does not confirm whether a session has occurred within this auto-confirmed window time period, then the session will be automatically marked "confirmed."

Next select how many hours a group is "authorized" for this Program. This number will displayed as "Authorized Hours" on the meetings tab, and viewable by the participants. If this is not applicable, leave this question blank.

Confirm your settings by selecting "Continue."

Once the Program is created, these settings are not editable by an Admin. Please contact the support desk if you need to make updates to the Program settings.

These settings will be configured for all paths within the Program. Participants within a path will see the Meetings Tab, including the Authorized Hours that have been set at the Program level.

See below to edit individual path authorized hours.

Edit the Authorized Hours for an individual path

An Admin is able to edit the Authorized Hours displayed for an individual path by navigating to the Meetings tab for that path, and clicking "Edit."

Note: Only Program Admins will see the "Edit" icon available.

Note that the Authorized Hours are for display only, and users are not prevented from going "over" their allotment. If they have Used more hours than Authorized, they will show a negative number remaining.

Selecting "Edit" will bring up a modal where you can update the authorized hours for this group. You can write an optional note, which will not be visible to the participants.

The updated authorized hours will now be displayed to the participants in the path.

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