You can create resources while building a path or in library available via "Browse."

To create a resource for the library, navigate to the "Browse" page and click "Add new resource" from the side panel.

From here, create the resource:

  1. Choose the workspace you want this resource to belong to.

  2. After you fill in the details of the resource, click the "Add metadata" button

3. If you want the resource to be searchable in the "Browse" page, check the "Show in workspace search results" button. Complete the other fields and click "Save". Your resource is created, but not yet published!

4. To publish the resource, click the three dots icon in the header

5. Click the "M" icon in the header

6. Click "Publish"

Now your resource is searchable via "Browse" in the library!

While building a path, creating a resource is as simple as clicking the "Add new resource" button and filling in some details.

  1. Choose if you want to insert an existing resource from the library, or directly create a new one by choosing the resource type.

2. Complete the resource title and click "Save"

3. From here, fill in the resource information and repeat steps 2-6 from above.

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