What's New

We are excited to release two new features: License Tracking and Bulk Deactivation. See below for a summary, or visit the help center to learn more about these features:

License Tracking

You can now view the number of consumed licenses from within the admin Users tab. This table displays the number of users invited across all of your programs.

Note: this feature is only available for admin users that are admins of all programs within your organization. If you need to deactivate users that belong to other programs, please contact your account owner or the Torch support team.

Bulk Deactivation

To assist with user management, filtering and bulk deactivation is now available. This allows you to search for and mass deactivate users no longer needed in your programs.

Note: you can only deactivate users where you are an admin of all the programs they participate in. This is to prevent impacting users participating in programs you do not own or may not be aware of.


  • "Path templates" and "Paths" were showing up on the Admin navigation for all Admins, even though many Admins do not require these options. To avoid this confusion, we have removed "Path templates" and "Paths" from the navigation for users who should not see these items.

  • We made a fix that will improve the type ahead search functionality when searching for an organization name.

  • We improved the display and readability when many filters are applied at once.

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