When the session verification feature is enabled for your path, you will see the Meetings tab within your path view. The Meetings tab lists all of the meetings within your path, along with the meeting's status.

In certain cases, a facilitator (coach) or participant (learner) may want to dispute a status. Certain statuses can be disputed by certain roles.

A facilitator (coach) can dispute a Late Canceled (pending) status.

A participant (learner) can dispute a Late Canceled status.

To dispute, you click the three dots and select “dispute” from the dropdown:

Confirm the dispute and any details in the pop-up modal.

Note: The comments are visible to the program Admin, but not to the other participants / facilitator.

An icon will now display for all path facilitator/participants to show that the status has been disputed:

Admins are able to see the changes in status and the dispute comments, and resolve the dispute.

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