When the session verification feature is enabled for your path, you will see the Meetings tab within your path view. Contact your program administrator if you expect to see the Meetings tab, but it is not visible.

The Meetings tab lists all of the meetings within your path, along with the meeting's status. You are able to export the table to a csv file. Additionally, you are able to schedule a meeting directly from the Meetings tab.

You may see Authorized, Used, and Remaining hours across the top.

Note: You may not see this information, if your Admin has decided this is not applicable for your Program.

-Authorized: These are the number of hours set by your Program Admin. Note: the system will not prevent you from going over this number. If you do, your Remaining Hours will be negative.

-Used: This is the total duration of all "Confirmed" and "Late Cancelled" meetings.

-Remaining: The is a subtraction calculation of Authorized - Used Hours.

You can also use the filter to see meetings based on status or within a specified date range.

Note: These filters will be applied to impact your "Total Meetings" and "Total duration" summary table. These filters do not impact the Authorized/Used/Remaining hours calculation.

You will see the filters applied to your total count of meetings and total sum of the duration of meetings within the table:

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