What's New

  • Resources and sections within a path can now be locked. When locked, users will be required to complete the previous resource or section before moving onto the next. Learn more.

  • An admin can preview each individual resource of a path they are building or editing. This allows for a greater understanding of the user experience on that path. Learn more.

  • Email notifications for a group can now be set at the group level. This was previously a global setting but now it can be managed at the group level. Learn more.

  • Default email notifications for partnerships are now set to send individual email reminders and discussion tab activity. These can be personalized by the user in their Settings section. Learn more.

  • Clear directions have been added to the end of any form (survey, assessment, etc) within a path to better guide the user to their next steps. Learn more.

  • Path reminder emails were being sent the day before a section or resource started. Those emails will now be sent at 6am in the user's timezone on the day the section or resource starts.

  • The invitation process has been streamlined. Users invited to a group will directly enter the group's path. The "Get Started" button has been removed from the invite flow.


  • We fixed a bug that would occasionally cause meeting invites to go to a default manager instead of the manager assigned the partnership.

  • We tightened up the permissions around editing meetings. Meetings can now only be modified by the meeting organizer or admins.

  • We resolved an issue on the assessment form that was preventing users from saving one of their answers.

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