What's New

  • Quizzes can now be created and added to learning paths. Learn more.
  • Metrics from both Group Learners and Group Resources reports can now be exported into a spreadsheet. Learn more.
  • Resources within a path now show the number of group members who have completed that resource. Learn more.
  • Chatting on the platform with other users now updates in real time. Learn more.
  • Our meeting invites have a more streamlined look so users can quickly read through the important info and meeting update notifications will clearly identify what has been updated.
  • We have also adjusted our notification schedule and will no longer send out a reminder email if the meeting is scheduled to occur within 24 hours of being created.


  • Moderators now have the ability to invite existing members into a group. Learn more.
  • If a partnership ends before the kick-off meeting has occurred, the meeting will now be deleted from calendars and a meeting cancellation email will be sent.
  • Facilitators of a group can now view unpublished resources if those resources are being used within their group.
  • Facilitators can now post a reply to group discussions from the Facilitator Feed. Learn more.
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