What's New

  • We have enhanced our quizzes feature. With this release, we are introducing the quiz settings tab. This feature allows the creator of the quiz to have greater control over the questions, answers, and the results page. Learn more.

  • We have moved the Insights and Admin tabs for Facilitators and Admins. It is now located under the three dots to the right of the group's title. The Admin tab has also been re-named as "Group Details". Learn more.

  • Groups can now be tagged by Facilitators or Admins. This will lay the groundwork for better organizing and filtering of groups in upcoming releases. Learn more.

  • To simplify the user workflow, we have removed the navigation buttons from the bottom of our quizzes until the user reaches the results page. Then users can easily navigate to the next resource in their path.

  • We continue to streamline our email notifications. We have updated the "from" field of our emails to clarify who the sender is. Discussion emails will be from the person who posted the comment, path reminders will be from the facilitator of the group, and weekly digests will be from our platform.

  • In an effort to reduce the amount of emails our users receive, we eliminated the welcome email after the user has visited a path. We are also combining the path invitation and the sections overview email into one notification.


  • The space to leave notes during the matching process has returned.

  • Tooltips can now be dismissed by the user during the signup process.

  • Documents can now be attached to meeting templates in a path. Those attachments will carry over to any groups using that path.

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