What's New

  • We have added our Compare Questions feature to the survey function. This feature allows admins to easily create repeating survey questions with the goal of comparing results over time within a path. Learn more.

  • We have enhanced the content of our emails notifying users a resource is available for them to work on. The email will now indicate which type of resource is available and what action is needed to complete it.

  • Our report filters have a new design and we added the ability to filter reports by tags. Learn more about tags.


  • We have resolved a bug that wasn't allowing XML documents to be uploaded to the platform. It is now possible to upload DOCX, XLSX, and PPTX files.

  • When users were removed from a group, they were still receiving group emails and remained in the group metrics. Users removed from a group will no longer be associated with any aspect of that group.

  • We fixed the bug that led to a blank screen when switching between Path, Group, and Survey reports.

  • In the admin panel, we have restored the user's goals to the onboarding interview page which will allow admins to easily reference the goals.

  • We have corrected a text wrapping issue that was occurring in Firefox and Internet Explorer browsers.

  • We fixed a bug that prevented user from viewing videos they had created on the platform.

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