What's New

  • We have added the results of open-ended survey questions to our reporting feature. Users respond to these questions by typing in their individual answers which will now be displayed to admins alongside the other survey results.

  • We've made it easier for users to control the emails they receive from us. All emails will now include a link for a user to directly access their notification settings. Also, for all path specific emails we have added a link to unsubscribe from that notification type for that specific group path. Learn more.

  • We've made our matching process more efficient by automatically re-applying a user's group tags to their new partnership.


  • We fixed a bug found in the Content Report that was causing discrepancies when a user toggled past a certain date.

  • Our survey templates and their summary reports now reflect the same ranking system making it easier to quickly analyze the results.

  • We fixed the size of the chat sidebar on mobile devices which was interfering with our users' ability to join the conversation.

  • We resolved a bug that was causing user survey answers to pre-populate in their future surveys.

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