What's New

  • Everwise has integrated with Slack! This allows users to participate in group discussions and receive reminders right from within a private group Slack channel. Learn more.

  • Our resource designer has changed to provide more flexibility when creating new resources. Take a look here.

  • We have expanded our reporting section by adding the Learners Report. The Learners Report offers metrics on the participants' status and activity within a learning path. Learn more.

  • Magic links are now available for users who forget their password. Magic links give users a one-time login link allowing them to securely sign-in without having to type a password. It makes forgotten passwords a much easier and faster experience. Learn more.

  • We've added an image cropping tool to our resource template. This allows for changes to the size and placement of an image in a resource as well as preview what it will look like on the path. Learn more.


  • We fixed a bug that was preventing the rating box to load when manually ending a partnership.

  • We have resolved the issue that was preventing partnership checkin forms to be submitted.

  • A bug that was limiting manager access to survey results has been fixed.

  • Our error message for upload failures now provides the user with more details as to what caused the failure.

  • We have corrected an issue that will make our reminder emails more accurate.

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