What's New

  • We're happy to introduce Program Level Reporting! Program Level Reporting shows data from all the cohorts within a program instead of displaying reporting for one cohort at a time. This new reporting feature includes filters to select multiple cohorts. Learn more.

  • For admins, we have made the user side panel tool accessible across the platform. Prior to this release, the user side panel was only available in the reporting section. Now, admins can click on a user's name on the platform and a side panel will open displaying the user's paths and goals. Learn more.

  • We have updated the criteria for how a meeting in a learning path is considered "completed". Meetings will now be marked completed if the participant replied to the meeting RSVP with "Yes" and the meeting date has passed.


  • We fixed a bug that didn't allow for meetings to span past midnight. This is helpful for teams across multiple time zones.

  • We resolved a bug that allowed certain locked resources to be bypassed.

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