What's New

We are excited to introduce our deactivation feature. Admins can now deactivate user accounts in their programs. Deactivating an account retains the account's data so that it can be reactivated if needed. A user can also deactivate their own account.

When an account is deactivated a user will:

  • not be able to log into the platform

  • not receive emails from the platform

  • not be able to view their past partnerships or learning programs

Learn more about how Admins can deactivate accounts.

Learn more about how users can deactivate their own accounts.


  • We fixed a bug that was preventing new roles/permissions from updating on a user's account.

  • When editing the name of a survey, the updated name wasn't appearing in the reporting section, we resolved this bug.

  • We also fixed an issue where the reporting section wasn't updating when users were removed from a cohort.

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