Adding a New Question to the Match Criteria

1. Click on Programs in the left sidebar.


2. Click on Match criteria tab across the top of the page.


3. In the Match Alignment column, click on Edit.


4. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on +Add match question.


5. Fill out the template.

  • Alignment label = the name of the match criteria topic as it will be displayed in the first column of the Match Criteria page (i.e. team size, management level, etc)

  • Question type = the format of the question (i.e. multiple choice, number range, etc)

  • Add an Existing Question instructions here

  • Add a New Question instructions here

6. Click Save and the new match question will appear in both the mentee and mentor columns of the Match Criteria page and will also be added to the mentee and mentor surveys.



Delete a Question from the Match Criteria

1. In the Match Alignment column, click on the X in the corner of the question you want to delete.


2. Confirm the deletion in the pop-up window by clicking on Remove alignment. You can also select to remove the question from the mentor and mentee matching surveys by checking the box.

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