GeoMatching makes it possible to match participants based on their geographical distance. This is helpful when in-person meetings are part of the mentoring or coaching programs. To activate GeoMatching, the question Where are you located? must be added to the mentee and mentor surveys. Here are the steps to add that question.

1. From the Programs section, locate your program and click on Match Criteria.


2. Click on Preview & Edit on the Mentee match profile.

3. Click on the Build Survey tab.


4. The question Where are you located? can you found in the question bank in the left sidebar. Type in located into the search bar on the left to bring up the question.

5. Hover over the question Where are you located? and click Add.

6. This question will be added to the survey. Click on Save below the question.

7. Return to the Match Criteria section and add the same question to the Mentor survey.

8. Once the question is added to both surveys, click on Edit next to Match Alignment.


9. Click on Add Match Question in the Mentee match profile.


10. Click on Add existing question.


11. Type in a label name for this question. From the drop-down menu of existing questions, add the location question. Click on Save.


12. Repeat the process for the Mentor match survey.

13. When both questions have been added, you can adjust the distance filter under Match Alignment.


14. Mentees and mentors will fill in their location on their surveys and the distance between the mentee and mentor will be shown to the admin matching the users.

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