Self Matching is a type of matching program that is driven by the mentee. Here is an overview of how this matching program works.

Week 1

  • Mentor is invited to the program

  • Mentor completes the matching survey

  • Mentor is added to the pool of available mentors*

*The program is paused until 75% of invited mentors have been added to the pool of available mentors.

Week 2

  • Mentee is invited to the program

  • Mentee completes the matching survey

  • Mentee is ready to be matched

  • Mentee is presented a curated list of possible mentors and the mentee can select up to three potential mentors from the list

  • Match emails are sent to the selected mentors

  • The first mentor to accept the match will enter into a mentoring partnership with the mentee

  • The other potential mentors are notified that the match is no longer available

  • If no mentors accept within 7 days, those matches are canceled and a new curated list is sent to the mentee.

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