While self matching is a hands-off experience for the Admin, the matching process is visible and the Admin can step in if needed.

Tracking Self Matching

  • Matches that are in progress are listed in the Admin dashboard under Pending partnership acceptance. The listing includes the mentee, their choices for a mentor, and the status of the match.

  • For additional info on a pending match, click on the row of the pending match and a side panel will appear with the mentee and mentors' profiles info and matching criteria.


Admin Steps In

  • It is possible for the Admin to accept the match for the mentor. To do this, open the side panel for the pending match and find the mentor you want to match with the mentee. Click on the downward arrow below the mentor's name and click Accept match for mentor. This will immediately put the mentee and mentor into a partnership.


Program Pauses if Mentor Pool is Low

  • If less than 75% of mentors have not completed their match profile and joined the mentor pool, the self matching process will pause until more mentors join. The Admin will receive a notification that the program is paused.

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