1. From a program's page, click on Survey Responses along the top of the page.


Survey Responses are grouped into four sections.

  • Sentiment: This measurement calculates the overall reaction to the program based on the participants' rating of Good, Okay, or Not Good. This report also pulls specific quotes from users and displays them based on trending keywords.

  • ROI: The Return On Investment (ROI) report displays results from a five question survey completed by participants focused on their takeaways from the program.

  • Program Quality: The Program Quality report displays the level of participant satisfaction and their likelihood to recommend the experience to a colleague. Participants are asked to rate their experience on a scale of 1-10 and results of 7 and above are considered "likely to recommend".

  • Mentorship Surveys: The Mentorship Survey report provides details on the participants surveys completed during the program. By clicking the arrow at the end of any row in this report, admins can view the survey details and direct responses from participants. To download the details of this report into a CSV spreadsheet, click on Export CSV in the upper left corner of this section.

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