1. Mentors will receive an email notification inviting them to the program and asking them to take a matching survey.


2. Mentors will see the resource in their feed and their actual path notifying them their next step is to complete the match survey.


3. After the mentor takes the survey, they will get a confirmation screen.


4. The mentor will receive an email notification if the mentee has selected them.


5. The first mentor to accept the match will become the mentee's mentor and a notification will be sent to the mentee.

6. The mentors who were not chosen will receive an email letting them know the match is no longer available.


7. If no mentors have accepted the match after 7 days, the match will be canceled and the mentors will be notified.


8. Once the partnership is formed, the new partnership path will appear on the mentor's homepage. Clicking into the partnership path will let the mentor know what their next steps are.

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