1. In the left admin sidebar, click on Programs. Adding managers via the bulk invite feature can only be done with the Programs launch tool.


2. Click into a cohort. From within the cohort, click on the Manage tab and then scroll down to the Launch Tool.


3. Section 1: Pick a path template

Start typing in the name of the path template you want to use to create this path. When you see the name of the path template in the drop-down menu, click on it.


4. In section 2, click on Bulk Upload.


5. From the pop-up window, click on Download Template.


6. This will download a CSV spreadsheet to your computer. The first line of the spreadsheet is an example of how to fill in this template.

Column A = Path name (this should be the same for all users on this spreadsheet)

Column B = Start date (this should be the same for all users on this spreadsheet)

Column C = Participant email address

Column D = Participant first name

Column E = Participant Last name

Column F = Manager first name

Column G = Manager last name

Column H = Manager email address

7. When complete, click on Upload CSV File and select the spreadsheet you just filled out.


8. Uploading the spreadsheet will create the path name and start date of the group.

9. To add a facilitator, hover over the top section of the box with the path name and click Edit. Start typing in the facilitator's name and then click on the name from the drop-down menu.


10. After any edits, click Update.

11. Complete Section 3, Confirm Settings.

12. When you are ready to launch the path, click on section 4 and click on the Launch path button. Invites will be emailed to the users you added to the path.

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