1. Click on Programs in the left sidebar.


2. Find the program you want to invite users to join and click on Invite & Launch.


3. To invite individual users, in box 1, type in a user's first name, last name, email address, and role (mentee or mentor). Then click on the + symbol at the end of the row.


Note: If a user is participating as both a mentee and mentor, simply invite them once selecting the Mentee role, and again selecting the Mentor role.

4. To invite a group of users, in box 1, click on Bulk Upload.

  • Download the template. Fill out the template with the users' first names, last names, email addresses, and roles (mentee or mentor).

  • When complete, click on Upload CSV File and select the template you just filled out.


5. When you are finished inviting users, click on Done to advance to box 2: Customizing invites.

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