1. Mentees will receive an email notification inviting them to the program and asking them to take a matching survey.


2. When Mentees complete the survey, a list of potential mentors will be created based on their experience, skills, and goals. Mentees will be notified in their feed and their actual path to select up to three potential mentors from the list.


3. Mentees can click on the Select up to 3 mentors resource to see their choices for mentors.


4. Mentees can click on the See more link of any potential mentor to get more details.


5. Mentees can select a maximum of three mentors from their list of potential mentors by clicking on the box next to the mentor's name and, when all choices have been made, clicking on Send requests.


6. The mentee will get a confirmation screen.


7. Match acceptance notifications are then sent to all the mentors who were selected by the mentee.

8. The first mentor to accept the match will enter into a partnership with the mentee. When a mentor has accepted, the mentee will receive an email notification. Here's what the mentee notification looks like:


9. The mentee will also receive a notification on the platform.


10. The new partnership path will appear on the mentee's homepage. Clicking into the partnership path will let the mentee know what their next steps are.

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