A deactivated user will:

  • not be able to log into the platform

  • not receive emails from the platform

  • not be able to view their past partnerships or learning programs

To deactivate one or more users:

1. As an Admin, log in and go to the Users tab in the left sidebar.


2. To deactivate an individual user, you may want to search for the user's name. To deactivate users in bulk, you may want to start by filtering for those users you are interested in. To filter for users:

  • Expand the filter panel

  • Input your filter parameters

  • Click “Apply”

3. Once your filters or search has been applied, use the check boxes to select the user(s) you wish to deactivate, or click the checkbox in the header row to select all displayed users. Hovering on the listed number of programs for an individual user will display a list of programs the user is in.

Note: the number of programs may be greater than those listed as the user may be participating in programs you do not have access to.

4. Once you have selected the user(s) you wish to deactivate, click the Deactivate button. A confirmation box will appear. If you are confident in your selections and wish to proceed, click “Deactivate users”. Remember, if you deactivate a user, they will no longer be able to log in to the platform.

5. For each deactivated user, the user's account will be labeled as (Deactivated).


More information

  • If a user needs to be reactivated, please contact your Customer Success Manager.

  • Learn more about how to use the license tracking feature to understand the number of licenses you are currently using.

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