SAML 2.0 integration gives your team the ability to access the Everwise Platform using an Identity Provider (IdP) of your choice. Everwise supports a SAML 2.0 Service Provider (SP) initiated flow for the configuration process.

Step 1 - Sub-domain Configuration

The Everwise Platform uses a unique customer URL to configure SSO. Using the base domain name,, your access URL will include your selected sub-domain.


This will be the base URL used in your IdP configuration.

Step 2 - Service Provider (SP) Meta-data Document Generation

Your Everwise support team will provide you with an SP Meta-data XML document that will be used to setup an IdP application on your system. The SP document will include:

  • Entity ID
  • SAML bindings (Location)
  • Requested Attributes

Step 3 - Provide Your Identity Provider (IdP) Meta-data Document to Everwise

Using the SP document provided in Step 2, add an authorized application to your system. Following an SAML 2.0 SP flow, the process should result in the creation of an IdP meta-data document. Provide this document to your Everwise support team to complete the integration.

What to expect after the SSO integration

Once the three step setup process is complete, users who are authorized to access the Everwise platform on your Identity Provider will be able to create an account and sign-in to Everwise using either:

  1. An Everwise access link on your Identity Provider dashboard
  2. The "Use My Company Account" button available at your custom Everwise URL (e.g.
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