Locking a Section

When a section is locked, all the resources in that section remain locked until the day the section starts.

1. Hover over the section you want to lock and click on the edit button.

2. Click the "Lock until section start date" checkbox. Optionally, you can also click the "Hide this section while locked" checkbox.

3. All the resources will remain unlocked until the date listed on the section. The unlock date is the date the section begins. If you chose to also hide the section, it will not be visible to participants until it is unlocked.

3. To unlock and/or unhide a section, just click on the edit button again.

You cannot hide a section without locking it first.

Locking a Resource

When a resource is locked, it remains inaccessible until the resource before it is completed.

1. Hover over the resource you want to lock and click on the cog icon.


2. Check the box to Lock until previous resource is complete.


3. That resource will be locked and inaccessible until the resource above it is completed.


4. To unlock a resource, click on the cog icon and uncheck the box indicating the resource should be locked.

Locking a Section and a Resource

If a resource is locked within a locked section, that resource will unlock on the date the section unlocks and when the resource before it is completed.

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