• Can I customize my Slack channel name?

Yes. For quick launches, Everwise will automatically recommend a Slack channel name when you are creating your group but you can clear the field and type in your own name. If you'd like more information on the types of characters Slack allows in channel names, check out this support article.

  • Why is there a learner in my Everwise group who is missing from the Slack group?

In order for Everwise to invite the learner to their appropriate Slack group, their Everwise account email and Slack email must match. An email mismatch would cause a learner to be missing from the Slack channel.

  • Will users who are not part of the learning group on Everwise be able to search within Slack and see the Slack channel?

No. When the group launches, the Slack channel is set to private and not searchable by default. Once the group is in Slack, the channel owner (the facilitator) can make it public and searchable if they so choose.

  • Is the default setting for the channel created for the learning group private or public?

The default setting is private.

  • Once the path has ended, will the Slack channel automatically be archived? If not, does someone need to be a Slack admin to archive the group, or can the facilitator do that?

The channel does not archive automatically when the path is over but the facilitator can do that as well. It does not need to be done by a Slack admin.

  • How do I get path resource reminders to appear in the Slack group?

Your content needs start dates for resource reminders to appear in Slack. To set a start date on a resource, admins can edit a path from the drop-down menu in the path header

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