What is SSO?

Single Sign-On (SSO) is a login process that allows a user to input one user name and one password to access multiple applications. With SSO a user spends less time logging in to various sites and less time managing different login credentials.

How to connect Everwise to your company's SSO system?

Everwise will supply a document with the information needed for your IT team to authorize Everwise on your company's SSO system. When complete, that set up process will result in a new authorization document that your IT team will need to send back to Everwise to finalize the process.

What to expect after the SSO integration?

After the SSO process has been completed, users from your company will be able to create an account and sign-in to Everwise using either:

  1. An Everwise access link on your company's SSO system
  2. The "Use My Company Account" button available on Everwise's login page
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