1. From your homepage, click on Path Templates on the left side Admin panel.


2. Click on the blue Create New Path Template button in upper right corner.


3. Type in the name of the path template you are about to create and then click on Create path template.


4. From here, build your path template by adding sections. Click on Add Section to start.


5. Type in a section title, description (optional), and the amount of time a section should last


6. Click Save

7. Add a resource to your new section. Resources can be:

  • Activity

  • Article

  • Video

  • Survey

  • Quiz

  • Feedback

  • Meeting

8. Choose the type of resource you would like to create and type in the title. Choose any of the following settings for this resource:

  • Send a notification to start this resource

  • Set a due date with reminder notification

  • Lock until previous resource is complete

When complete, click Save.


9. Once the resource is created, hover over the resource and click on Edit. Add the content and when finished, click Save.


10. Continue to add as many resources as needed in a section.

11. To add a new section, just click on Add Section and repeat the process.

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