1. From within a cohort, scroll down to the Launch tool.

2. Pick a path template

Start typing in the name of the path template you want to use to create this path. When you see the name of the path template in the drop-down menu, click on it.


3. Invite participants

  • Type in the name of your new path

  • Select the start date from the calendar

  • Optional: Click "Add facilitators", type in a few letters of their name, and select their name from the drop-down menu. If the user has not already been invited to the platform, complete all the fields, click the plus button, and save. Any user not already on the platform will be invited.

  • Click on Create

  • Then, add users to your new path by entering their first name, last name, and email address. Then click the + button at the end of the row. Continue adding all users in the same way.


4. Confirm Settings

In this section, you can add:

  • Path description

  • Path image or logo

  • Set the automatic archive feature

  • Add tags to the path to use when filtering reports

  • Set the frequency for path notification emails

  • Opt to show a path leaderboard to users


5. Launch Path

When you are ready to launch the path, click the Launch path button. Invites will be emailed to the users you added to the path.

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