By installing the Everwise app for Slack, users will:

  • receive Slack reminders about Everwise resources

  • see discussion posted on Everwise within a private group Slack channel

To install the Slack app into your organization's Slack workspace,

1. While logged in as an admin, scroll down to Admin settings in the Admin sidebar.


2. Under Integrations, select the Add to Slack button.


3. Follow Slack's prompts to log in to your organization's Slack workspace


4. After signing in, you will see a request to authorize Everwise for your team's Slack account. Click the Authorize button to grant access. Following successful authorization, you will see Access granted in Admin settings.


5. Once the integration is enabled for your company, you will see the Slack option in Step 2 of Launching a Path.


The Everwise Slack app will automatically add invited learners to their appropriate private Slack group as they accept their invitations.

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